How to Make a Watermark ? for secure your important data

Do you know Watermark and where to use the watermark?

Now a day watermarking is eminently important to protect our data. The main reason behind the watermarking is secure from misuse. Therefore the question arises, how to make a watermark? But before knowing how to make a watermark, we must know that what is a watermark. It’s a very difficult question to answer because different researchers of different sites have given different answers.

how to make a watermark

In simple ways, we can define it as the best way to protect our documents and pictures which can get misused after uploading them on the internet. It is a superb way to stamp your photos with your name and identity to reduce the chances of getting image theft. However, they can be distracting as well.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the watermark.  Most of all it helps you to protect your images and to show third parties you have the copyright. Most noteworthy disadvantages of this watermark almost cover a larger area of an image which affects the image quality and most important adding watermark to your stuff is time-consuming.

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 First, we will talk about how to make a watermark in MS word?

Today almost everyone uses  MS-word. Some people use it for the project, some people use it for important documents. But they don’t know that when the put important documents in front of people there is a risk. Anyone easily can make a xerox copy of our documents and use it for self.  So seems like making a watermark in MS-word is more important than other places. You can follow these steps when reading this article and learn easily.

  • First, you have to open word and press the tab design or Insert (Its depend upon MS-Office version)
  • After that, you directly see the watermark option on your screen.
  • Click on watermark and go ahead to making watermark
  • So another screen appears in front of you and can easily make watermark as u want.
  • Now you have to select the text box and type watermark text’.
  • After this choose the font size, color and text font from the above-mentioned boxes.
  • Selection should be made as per your choice. Examples, if you want an opaque watermark, deselect the mentioned semi-transparent box and if you want semitransparent watermark don’t leave it unchecked.
  • TO make your text choice between horizontal and diagonal layout option.
  • Click on the picture option and browse the picture from ‘my computer’, select the picture and insert it.
  • Now resize the picture as per your requirement. If you are not sure about the size click on the auto option and for clear appearance undo it.

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 How to make a watermark in MS Excel?

Most of all people aware from to make watermark in MS-excel. In MS-excel making watermark option you can never found easily. For making the watermark there is no inbuilt option. Probably you think that how should we make watermark in MS-excel. So here you can follow my steps to achieve your goal and secure your data.  There are many different options available for making a watermark in MS excel 2003, 2007 and 2013. Consequently, here I tell you the common option for all versions that helps you every time.

  • Making watermark in MS-excel you have to use the Word Art commands.
  • Go to insert tab and open word art.
  • After insert word art type the text as you want as you prefer.
  • Rotate word are as you want like diagonal, horizontal, stacked or any style.
  • Change font style, colour and transparency which you like.
  • That’s it. You can easily make watermark in MS-excel using these steps.


Finally, hope you understand how to make watermark. Most of all people never do this with important documents when upload on web. If you any other tricks to make watermark then let we know in comments section.

Funniest facebook pages for those who get bored

Today we will be taking us through some of the funniest Facebook pages.

Billions of people are using Facebook and they all want something to post and share on their wall. You can get maximum hits and comments, So they get noticed by their friend and want to increase their number of followers, for that they used to share some funniest Facebook pages picture or status.

Funniest facebook pages

When you are getting bored by your work stuff,  just switch on your Facebook.  Go through these pages and I’m pretty damn sure that these pages will put a smile on your face. If your mood has spoiled by your relative, neighbor, girlfriend, boyfriend goes through these funniest Facebook pages. And it will calm your anger frustration.

Why we need to like these pages

When you feel alone and nothing to do, getting bored just switch on below mentioned funniest facebook pages. The post will help in calming your mental stability. Most important some comments on these pages are too funny that you won’t be able to stop your ROFL moment. therefore you will feel like people like Kapil Sharma do exist on this virtual pages. There you can make friends and if you think yourself that much lucky you never know can get you soul mate your love at these pages also.

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So in my countdown funniest Facebook pages are as follow:

1) 9GAG

This page has massive likes, and a number are in billion this shows the popularity of this page.

good facebook pages

On this page posted funny videos and pictures. Most of all this page has huge followers of foreign people. If you are looking for some funny video, funny posts and want to make friends then you are on the right way. It has an enormous popularity. Consequently, comments on this pages are so sensible and advanced.

2) Sarcasm Server

This page is one of the most popular funniest pages over Facebook. The Maximum number of likes and popularity in billion. therefore likes of this page are increasing day by day.

Fb pages

This page has a cover picture quoted (SARCASM medicine for your stupidity), post over this pages done at a duration of every half an hour and the job done over this pages are quite funny in a unique way.

3) Be Like Bro

funny facebook pages

This page has a unique symbol for a person with the beard wearing a cap and having a cigar into his mouth. Most of the post on this pages published with a  caption images that makes it interesting.

4) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes

This page is one of the most popular and funniest pages over facebook. Therefore maximum number of likes in billion.This page has image quote of (BEWARE YOU’LL BE ADDICTED). This page also has a unique picture cover. Most jokes trolled with a name of our respected Rajni sir and CID. I looped every day with this funniest Facebook pages for being

funniest pages on facebook

This page also has a unique picture cover. Most jokes trolled with a name of our respected Rajni sir and CID. I looped every day with this funniest Facebook pages for being fan of Rajni sir.

5) Epic Troll

As the name of this page is an epic troll, hence the posts of this page most of the time trolling someone. Therefore likes on this pages are in a million. The most recent page among above mentioned pages. Post on this page is quite funny and sensible.

funny pages on facebook

Final thoughts

I just want say people take different roads seeking to happiness and these funniest pages also one of them. Once you like these pages I’m sure you never get bored. So always be happy..! If you know any other good facebook pages then tell us and others in the comment section.


How to Use Uber App – Learn in 4 Minutes

What is Uber  and how to use uber app?

 Uber is a “pick-up” service based in San-Francisco which connects passengers with cab drivers. The app is integrated into Google maps and is available on many smartphone platforms. Through this app, one can book a taxi from his location and can track the cab with the phone as well. The fare is set by Uber which is visible to the users. There are different payment modes; so you need not pay by cash. Another advantage of this app is that you can share a cab with another user who is traveling the same journey thus reducing the cost. So here is the complete guide for those who don’t know how to use uber app.

How to use uber app

How to use uber app

 Sign-up to use Uber App

How to use uber app

  1. You need to install the app first from either Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Blackberry App World based on your hand device.
  2. Open Uber app in order to sign up.
  3. Read the terms and conditions carefully and then click on sign up button.
  4. An OTP code is sent to your number for confirmation. Once you confirm your signup, you’re ready to use the app.
  5. Now check out the sign-up link and create your account. You need to provide your details along with billing information. If there is someone already using Uber, then you can use their promo code to get some credits. For billing information, you should have a credit card or PayPal account.
  6. All the drivers who work for Uber and not specific to this company. They pay some percentage to the company for getting listed in the app

Note : see the whole process with pictures below

 how to use uber appregister uber apphow to use uber appuse uber appuse uber app how

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Choose The Car

There are 5 types of vehicles available through Uber based on your city. You need to choose one among them based on your requirement.

  • UberBlack: This is Uber’s original service which sends a high-end sedan to the location you choose. It can accommodate 4 people.
  • Taxi: This one of the cabs in agreement with Uber. It’s just like a normal taxi.
  • UberX: The budget option from Uber is UberX which is an everyday car accommodating 4 people at a time.
  • UberSUV: This is suitable if you’re planning a trip with your family of maximum 6 people. This one is little expensive than a Black car.
  • LUX: This one also accommodates 4 people but is a luxury car and the most expensive of the Uber services.

Choose the location

  1. Once you’ve chosen the car, you need to locate in the app.
  2. You can see a pin marker and a blue dot on the map. Usually, many people make a mistake by placing the marker in the wrong place and keep waiting for the cab on the wrong place.
  3. This blue dot represents your actual location while the marker is where the cab arrives.
  4. If you want your cab to pick you up at your current location, place the marker over the blue dot.
  5. If you want it to arrive somewhere else, then place the marker at that location.
  6. You can also enter the location name manually to set the pickup location without using the marker.
  7. Now tap on the “Set Pickup Location” button.
  8. Now payment options will appear on the screen. You can use the credit card, debit card or PayPal for payment. This option turns on automatically.

 Waiting for the Cab To Arrive

  • The Uber app in your phone will show you which cab and when it is coming to the set location.
  • You can also track the cab and know where it is. The app will also provide contact details of the cab driver so that you can call him and tell the directions if required.
  • You should sure of using the ride before booking it since canceling it 5 minutes post-reservation can charge you free.

Booking Cab for someone else

  1. If you want to book a cab for someone else, then enter the location of your friend but not yours.
  2. It’s better to call the driver and inform him whom he’s going to pick up.

Understand the Uber Rates

  1. Uber charges based on a combination of distance and time. It varies from time to time and differs from service to service and city to city.
  2. If the driving speed is under 11mph, you’ll be charged by the minute while if it’s more than 11 mph, you’ll be charged by the mileage.
  3. Based on the location, you’ve to pay a base rate. They vary from city to city; you can check the base rate on official website

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 Rate The Driver

You can also rate the driver in the app. Remember giving less than 5 stars can damage the driver and next time you book a cab, less number of cars are available. This is because Uber recognizes only 5 stars as positive, although there are too many cabs already available.

Final Words : 

So, I hope this post helped you understand how to use uber app. Did you use Uber app before?


Rid from Google play error 927 – New Proven Trick

There are a large number of mistake codes are seen and identified in the android. Most of time founds error code is Google play error 927 in Google play store. This mistake, for the most part happens when a Client is attempting to download from Google play store. Google Play Store once in a while overhauls itself out of sight on android telephones.

google play error 927

Amid this time, no application can be downloaded from play store. On the off chance that you continue downloading the applications amid the redesign procedure. Then Google play store will give back an error message 927. This error of 927 compares to the issue that applications can’t be download, because of a few issues occurred by the play store application. At the point when error 927 shows in play store then your downloaded application won’t be introduced and your portable information will be squandered.

Altering Google play Error 927 in Play Store

Here are the accompanying strategies for settling this google play 927 error.

# Technique 1

Step 1: Go to Settings > All > and afterward Select Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now basically stop the Google play store application by selecting the Force Stop choice. Additionally, Clear Catche and data Files by selecting the unmistakable choice recorded underneath.

Step 3: After playing out the above strides painstakingly, again attempt to download or to upgrade your applications from Google play store.

Step 4: If the above strategy is not working than you ought to likewise attempt to uninstall the Google play store overhauled rendition by heading off to the application settings > All > Google Play Store > uninstall redesigns.

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error 927

# Technique 2

In this technique to Solve Error 927 in play store:

  • First login through your diverse Gmail account by going to System Settings > Accounts > Google > Remove your Gmail accounts.
  • Now again Force Stop the Google play application and after that the other available information and reserve documents as done in Strategy 1.
  • Again go to the record settings alternative and afterward include your Gmail account.
  • After doing the above strides, again attempt to download your applications from Google play store.

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# Technique 3

It happens ordinarily, client is not ready to download the application from Google play store in light of the fact that there is not enough memory accessible for downloading the application. For this situation, you will be prescribed by numerous people to check your smartphone memory and after that attempt to download your application from Google play store.


Conculsion :

Thus, to sum up, these are the straightforward but compelling techniques, which you can without much of a stretch fix Error 927 and different sorts of errors which are common to the android market. Strategies recorded here are not the perpetual arrangements. At whatever point you again confront this google play error 927, you can re-apply these techniques to your error codes.

Email address generator ! Most used tools in 2016

Know about email address generator

If you have a own business, you can utilize the email marketing as a means of promotion. The correct email address generator and benefits of it and thus used by the business owners. Have you used it yet?

email address generator

Email address generator is a robotic software that creates email lists based on the user specific keywords. The keywords are not generate randomly and thus, the success rate is high. With just one simple click, you can get hold of the mass email IDs in a short period of time. Today, the majority of the bloggers and the web specialists are making using this software in order to increase the income and they are highly successful as well.

How does the software function?

Most of the people who create their email IDs using any browser and follow the process of sign up, inserts their first names, surnames, age and other essential information details that acts as the keywords. The email address generator software search the email addresses from the mail server via the keywords.

Let us have a look at the functioning of the email address generator.

  1. The very first step that you need to execute is to focus on the nation based names lists from your computer device. You can also make use of the database that features 100,000 entries with the application. If you are looking for some more names, you can definitely utilize the search engine of the email address generator which is very simple to use.
  2. In the second step, you need to include the keywords as the prefix and suffix, which is not mandatory, though. When you enter different keywords, you get hold of more and more email addresses.
  3. Finally, in the third step, your role is to choose the email domain names. The email address generator program is also to be compatible with the popular email services like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and so on. When you make use of the well-recognized email services for the email address generator, the success rate increases.

After you are done with these three steps as mentioned above, you need to make one click and the email addresses will automatically generate on your device.

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Some of the features lists of the email address generator

generator email address

Unlimited email list:

Since the email address generator is high speed and multi-thread software tool, you can get hold of the unlimited email list in a short interval of time. The best part is duplicate email lists get removed automatically.

Bulk import:

The database basically consists of 100k name lit. In case you require more name lists, you have the option of importing from your computer. Email address generator supports text documents like .csv, .txt, .doc, .xml, .xls, etc.

Background running

When you want to generate a large email list, it takes some amount of time. With the help of email address generator background things can be done smoothly without affecting anything.

Bulk export

When you have a huge mailing list to generate, this software will make the whole process easier. You can also specify the numbers of generated emails per file.

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Some of the email generator site :

  1. Spinxo – Spinxo is the leading site in generating email address industry. Using this site you can easily creates random name or entering few words to gain great suggestions.
  2. YopMail – For creating disposal and anonymous emails you can use this site. YopMail is the anti-spam site for email address generate.
  3. Sqa Fycenter – This is another one best site to take benefit of email address. If you are a software programmer then you must need email list for software list. You can easily make huge email list using this site.

Conclusion :

There are to many sites allow you this facility  and some of them listed here. If you also know some trusted sites to generate emails in bulk quantity then tell us in comment section.

Fix SSL Connection Error by New Proven Way

Sometimes while trying to open a webpage or a website, you get an SSL connection error. You might have found such error on any of your devices such as pc, mac, iPhone, android or any other smartphone on the market until you can run a web browser in them. Millions of people might be using a website at a time and found this kind of error which is quite common but is there any kind of solution to fix this? Obviously, you can but what is SSL error in the first place?

ssl connection error

SSL connection Error:

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol for  Internet which is used for a secure connection between web servers and its users each time they click on the particular website’s url. SSL makes sure of safe data transmission between the web browser and the web server. There are many e-commerce sites where you enter your credit card information. Even these websites where you login store your username and password you never know if this kind of sensitive information is safe or not. So, SSL makes sure that such type of information is encrypted before sending it to the website from your system.

However, many browsers like, Firefox and Google chrome contain default built-in SSL certificates. But if they aren’t optimal then you may get an SSL connection error. The page and the HTTPS turn red saying the page has security issues. So it’s a safer practice to avoid such websites.

In short, SSL Link is a certification that secures the data and keeps it transmitted between the web servers and the web browsers safe in a secure and private mode through encryption to provide better safety to the end-user.

SSL Certificate Components:

An SSL certificate consists of a domain name, company name, address, city, state, country, expiration date, certificate authority details which are responsible for the certificate insurance according to rule.

When you open a website, the browser checks the SSL certificate of the website, its expiry and certificate authority details.

Reasons Behind SSL Connection Error:

  1. Certificate issued by untrusted authority
  2. Page consisting both secure and insecure items
  3. Mis-matching date and time with that of your PC or smartphone
  4. Mis-matching certificate names
  5. Due to firewall between your PC and internet
  6. Antivirus scanning encrypted data in the background

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Fixing The Error:

Don’t forget that the solution to any given problem always relies on the actual reason behind  the problem itself. So, find out the reason behind this error first.

  • Date and Time: Check the date and time of your system. If this is wrong, then your solution is quite easy. Just correct the date and time of your pc or smartphone and you’re done.

ssl connection error using date and time


  • Antivirus: In few cases, the antivirus installed in your PC block the certificate when they don’t find it legitimate. In that case, open settings in the control panel of antivirus software; open network in the advanced settings and check for “Encrypted Connections Scan”. Uncheck and disable this option and save it to solve the issue.

ssl error

  • Proxy Settings: If the above two doesn’t work then go to your Chrome browser and open “Customize and Control Google Chrome”. Open “Advanced Settings” in the “Settings” option and then click on “Change Proxy Settings”. In the “Security” tab, keep the “Security Level Zone” in medium and go to “Privacy Tab”. Here, set the “Internet Zone” to medium. Now go to the “Content” tab and click on “Clear SSL State” and then on “OK”. Launch the browser again to see the result. Similarly, there are different options and methods to fix this issue in different browsers like Safari, Firefox, etc.

fix ssl error using browser setting


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Final thoughts :

I hope my readers found this article helpful for fix ssl connection error. if you unable to solve same issue then tell us we always stand here for you.

unblock on Instagram but how ? you must have to learn

Blocking and unblocking in any app isn’t a tough task but when you’re a new user of that app and are unaware of its functionalities then it’s quite possible that you block someone by mistake and trying to unblock him/her. Today we’re going to talk about how to unblock on Instagram. If you’re new and trying to unblock someone, then stop struggling and read on to know to do this. This may help you do it easily. But before unblocking let us discuss about blocking as well.

unblock on instagram

How To Block Someone On Instagram?

We block someone when the person is harassing you, sending unwanted messages, etc. Posts or images by that person may also be quite disturbing when you decide to block him/her. In order to do that, first of all you need to open the contact or the profile of the person you want to block. There you can find three vertical, horizontal or an arrow mark at the top-right corner of the screen based on which device you are using. You’ll get to know about it soon below. You need to tap on this icon and then a menu bar opens. ‘Block’ is the first option here tapping on which blocks the user. Now let’s see how to unblock the same person.

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How To Unblock Someone On Instagram?

Search The Person Or Contact

First thing you need to know is when you block someone, that contact disappears from your contacts list. So, when you’re trying to find the person, you shouldn’t be searching it in your contacts but look for ‘search’ tool and search for the person. This can be found at the bottom of the screen while logging in. Once you enter the username of that person, the tool displays profiles with similar usernames from which you need to identify the right one. Just tap on it to open his/her profile.

The Dots On Your Device

Android phone and tablet users can find three vertical at the top right corner of the device. Windows phone users can find three horizontal dots while iPhone users can find an arrow in the same place. You need to tap on this.

Unblock The Person

Now a menu bar opens and the ‘unblock’ option tops the list. Once you tap this, a confirmation box appears to which you need to reply with ‘yes, I’m sure’ option by tapping on it.

So, that was easy, wasn’t it? I hope this post helped you unblock someone. Now here is a question. do the users get notified about being blocked? Can you report someone’s profile for everyone’s sake instead of just blocking?

Notifying The Users

Blocking doesn’t mean it has something negative on that user. It doesn’t put any kind of penalty on the user because blocking and unblocking someone is completely based on our personal reasons. You may hate someone and so you blocked the person. It has nothing to do with the rest of the world. Thus, Instagram doesn’t notify the user regarding blocking and unblocking. Consider blocking when the person isn’t harming anyone else and it’s your personal reason.

Reporting The User

If you read Instagram policies, you’ll understand that it doesn’t support self-harm pictures, hate speech, nudity, and duplicate or plagiarised content. So, if a user is posting any of such types of content, then you can “report inappropriate” instead of just blocking the user. This user is violating the policy and harming everyone. So, report the profile instead of blocking.


Hope these extra points helped you understand Instagram better. If you know any other tricks to unblock on Instagram then tell us in comment section.

Google Installer and its features ! You should know it

Some key facts on Google Installer v2.0 App

The term Google Installer refers to an app that you can use for setting up Google Service Framework & Google Play Store app. Consequently, with the help of this app, you can set up any additional Google Apps and obviously all apps offered in Play Store. You could require this app particularly if you’ve just set up the stock MIUI ROM or flashed it on any Xiaomi devices.

google installer
Google Installer

Google Installer V2

Now that you understand what Google Installer is, what its use, it’s time to know about Google Installer v2, which is the most recent version of this app available as of now. Google Installer V2 is an app that loads in Xiaomi devices that include the most recent ones, namely Mi5 and Mi4s. The V2 version of this app runs well on Lolipop, Kitkat, & Marshmallow ROMs for setting up the bare minimum base require for running Google Apps. Tests verify that it works effectively on Redmi 1S having Kitkat ROM.

Most important features

  • Modernized V2 of the trendy Google Installer whose architect is Eric Xiang
  • Supports Lollipop, Marshmallow and Kitkat firmware
  • Very easy to set up
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Contacts Sync

Though you are simply able to set up Play Store via Mi App Store, according to reports, the “app force shut down” error still happens in a number of cases. If you use Google Installer then you are not expect to have any such form of errors.

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How is it helpful

Because of explicit reasons, numerous Xiaomi gadgets do not consist of Google Play Store app. Also do no consist of numerous additional default Google apps and this fact is more evident on phones.  Nevertheless, users can still set it up by themselves. Play Store can be installed on MIUI devices along with a number of additional Google apps. Google Installer is an incredibly incredible Android app, lets you set up, a lot of Google apps in a matter of s few minutes.

This app has been offered in more than a few versions and the most recent of them is version 2. This version can be used in numerous of the most recent Xiaomi gadgets that include Mi 5, Redmi 3, Mi 4s, & Redmi Note 3.

Set up play store on any MIUI gadget using Google Installer V2

  1. First, download this app. What you get is a .zip file having numerous .apk files. Next extract the zipped file and subsequently copy all .apk files into the storage of your phone.
  2. On your cell phone open the Settings icon. Navigate to Additional settings and go to Privacy and tick / activate Unknown Sources. After this step, you can set up any .apk file besides the ones that you had downloaded from authorized App Store
  3. Now navigate to Tools, then to File Explorer and then to APKs and then press Google_Installer_2.0.apk to set up this app on your cell phone.
  4. Return to your phone’s front page and find and press the v2 icon for launching it.
  5. Then press the Install button.

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Ending note : So friend, I hope you know very well about google installer and its features. If you have any kind of query about this software tell me via comment.

Popular Web Browsers for work faster than others !

What is a web browsers ?

It is the software application, that helps you traversing and retrieving information resource on the world wide web (www). Browsers are useful for access the information, private networks and also web servers. There are so many browsers available. Everyone choose the best browser depending upon browser popularity and suggestions. Some peoples preferred to use a web browser basis on the web servers requirement. If you dont know popular web browsers then probably this post helps you.

Hence, today I am going to introduce to you 3 popular web browsers. Almost peoples known about these features.

There are 3 popular web browsers in 2016


Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. The simplicity and smooth working features an attraction of the users. Most of all the users preferred to use this browser.


Features :

1. Tabs and Stability – Chrome has a Tab facility, that provides you easily search different site at one time without opening a new web page.

2. Incognito mode – When you want to search anything private, you have many questions about security but don’t worry Chrome provides incognito mode means private web browser that disables your history save option.

Themes: You can change your web browser theme in different colors and different style that gives you a better browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox

Another one Famous web browser is available in web world and that is a Mozilla firefox. Firefox 3 is the latest version of Mozilla firefox and it is safe and soft to use.

popular web browsers

Features :

1. Extension: You can increase the modification and functions by using the extension. There is so many extension available for firefox like video download, easy screenshot, firebug.

2. Themes: Firefox has also available themes for better display when surfing the web.

3. Searching: There is search box available at the right side corner and you can instantly search any concept when you want.


Safari web browser developed by the apple. It has many version available. Showing his popularity apple created safari 1 to safari 9 versions day by day. According to his growth and easy availability, safari becomes a popular web browser today. Most of all people do not use this browser because of they don’t know its features. If you never use this browser yet go on and get the amazing experiece.


Features :

1. WebGL Support – It gives you superb speed and stronger privacy features.

2. CSS Shapes and Compositing.

APNG Support – Means animated portable network graphics. It gives you to show animated png and gif files.

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Choosing web browser is the main fact about internet users. Therefore everyone searching best web browser. So here I introduce some browsers and their features. If you know any other popular web browsers then tell us in the comment section.

Facetime for Tablets and Android Phone

Everyone finding the facetime for tablets and android phones:

Now everyone is using android phones and tablets for communicating love once, but the day by day everyone want the change. Generally, people use phone calls to communicate but now it’s time to use advanced technology. So today I am going to talk about facetime for tablet and android phones for video calling facility

facetime for tablets
Facetime for tablets

Apple inc. creates a facetime application and it is available in iPhone, iOS, Mac and other devices of apple, but the android users quantity is greater than apple product users. So nowadays every android user wants facetime for tablets and android phones but can anyone know that facetime is not compatible for android. But many alternatives available for facetime and these are listed below.

1) Hangouts :

facetime for tabletsYes, the first name is a hangout, hangout is also popular and not less than famous than facetime. Messaging, voice and video calling facility also available in google hangouts. It also allows conversation between two and more users also. This service available on the android application and on Gmail or google website. so this is well alternative for a facetime for tablets .

2) Line :

facetime for tabletsLine is also very popular messenger in users around the world. Application is launched in Japan but it fastly spread in the whole world. This application is mainly developed for android but watching Line applications popularity his developers moved to expand to it for chrome, firefox browsers, windows phone and tablets also. It has also the ability of address book syncing option with the function of hidden chats option. if you like then you can use this application alternative for facetime for your tablets and android phone


facetime for tablets

OOVOO is another good alternative for facetime. It allows to user to communicate free instant video calling and messaging also and i think this is well alternative to facetime for tablets and android phones

4) Skype :

facetime for tablets

facetime for tablets not available you know that after reading my article but i tells u its alternatives. Very few peoples found that they don’t know about skype. This application is working for windows and android both. It allows to audio and video calling facility with crystal clear quality and screen sharing is also the fabulous feature of skype. Skype to phone and landline calling available on skype but charges apply for this facility. Otherwise overall a good platform for video calling like facetime.

5) Tango :

facetime for tabletsfacetime for android is not avaible currently but this app also has fantastic features available like third party cross platform messaging. Tango is also providing video calls over the high-speed internet like wifi, 3G, and 4G.

6) Viber :

facetime for tablets5 years ago Viber media developers give us good working instant messaging app and that is a Viber. It has an ability of video and audio messaging. video passing through we easily allow connecting our friend.

7) ICQ :

facetime for tablets
ICQ has many features like file transfer, multiplayer games, offline messaging, multiuser chatting. Instant messaging and audio video calling is main features of ICQ application. Animated icon’s language is very attracting service of ICQ.


Conclusion :

I know that here everyone comes to know about facetime for tablets but this application is not available yet for android phones  you can use its alternative that I suggested, if you know any other alternatives for video calling please mention in the comment.