Apps like vShare for those who dont have vShare

Apple App store has millions of applications. The official App store originally develops and strictly observe them. It is next to impossible to find any glitch to download any third-party application which is not listed in App store or from any other market. This eagerness to get a request for free, many iOS users tends to Jailbreak their devices. The jailbreak will void your warranty and might turn your iOS device into a brick. Developers around the world have now developed applications like vShare and many other apps like vShare.

apps like vshare

How useful is vShare

vShare is a lifeline for all the non-jailbroken iOS devices. It is a substitute for Apple App store. It allows you to download any application for free which listed in the group. Developers of vShare have found the loophole in the security of the App store and allowed them to place their pirated App Store for the download.

App store has a collection of supreme applications. Although paid, many users download them. vShare is an alternative by which you can download the same app for free. vShare is not legal which makes it obvious, as you will not find any details of the owner and developers of the website.

Most of all vShare and Apps like vShare have a huge market. They are used by many active users to download applications. We have a list of apps like vShare from which you can choose the best one as per your choice.

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Check out few amazing apps like vShare


This application is only valid for jailbroken devices. It is the most downloaded app which makes it to the top of the list of apps like vShare. APPCAKE will give you options to download from millions of applications. It is recommended to jailbreak your Apple device before using it.


Being a part of Apple App store for many years, Apple removed HipStore from the App store. Due to questions on promoted piracy. HipStore has the largest collection of paid applications for free. It is not a part of App Store for years. Therefore, there is the bundle of applications which will not work because of the updated version.


ZEUSMOS allows you to download any paid application for free and to share it with your friends. It is available with different versions both for iOS and Android. It gives you liberty from the jailbreak, as it provides stability for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.


There are many alternatives for vShare but what makes Aptoide the best is that it is “Ad free”. Many applications come with pop up ads which make them difficult to use. In Aptoide you can found the list of paid apps for free. Moreover, the interface is easy to use and Ad free.


25PP application developed in China and thus the interface is in Chinese. Understanding features of the applications is a barrier but the interface is designed in a unique way. Applications can be downloaded for free and can be explained by the distribution of the list.

Mob IPA Site has a vast collection of all paid apps and games. It is distributed in all different sections and suggested to find any app which you can’t find in any other pirate store. It works both for Android and iOS platforms and provides stability to the applications.


Downloaded and recommended by thousands of users across the world. It is the most admired application and considered as best in the category. To download this app, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device.


So, these are the best options available for alternatives of vShare in my opinion. vShare has been a part of the revolution, and Apps like vShare are also sharing the credit.

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