Funniest facebook pages for those who get bored

Today we will be taking us through some of the funniest Facebook pages.

Billions of people are using Facebook and they all want something to post and share on their wall. You can get maximum hits and comments, So they get noticed by their friend and want to increase their number of followers, for that they used to share some funniest Facebook pages picture or status.

funniest facebook pages

funniest facebook pages


When you are getting bored by your work stuff,  just switch on your Facebook.  Go through these pages and I’m pretty damn sure that these pages will put a smile on your face. If your mood has spoiled by your relative, neighbor, girlfriend, boyfriend goes through these funniest Facebook pages. And it will calm your anger frustration.

Why we need to like these pages

When you feel alone and nothing to do, getting bored just switch on below mentioned funniest facebook pages. The post will help in calming your mental stability. Most important some comments on these pages are too funny that you won’t be able to stop your ROFL moment. therefore you will feel like people like Kapil Sharma do exist on this virtual pages. There you can make friends and if you think yourself that much lucky you never know can get you soul mate your love at these pages also.

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So in my countdown funniest Facebook pages are as follow:

1) 9GAG

This page has massive likes, and a number are in billion this shows the popularity of this page.

good facebook pages

On this page posted funny videos and pictures. Most of all this page has huge followers of foreign people. If you are looking for some funny video, funny posts and want to make friends then you are on the right way. It has an enormous popularity. Consequently, comments on this pages are so sensible and advanced.

2) Sarcasm Server

This page is one of the most popular funniest pages over Facebook. The Maximum number of likes and popularity in billion. therefore likes of this page are increasing day by day.

Fb pages

This page has a cover picture quoted (SARCASM medicine for your stupidity), post over this pages done at a duration of every half an hour and the job done over this pages are quite funny in a unique way.

3) Be Like Bro

funny facebook pages

This page has a unique symbol for a person with the beard wearing a cap and having a cigar into his mouth. Most of the post on this pages published with a  caption images that makes it interesting.

4) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes

This page is one of the most popular and funniest pages over facebook. Therefore maximum number of likes in billion.This page has image quote of (BEWARE YOU’LL BE ADDICTED). This page also has a unique picture cover. Most jokes trolled with a name of our respected Rajni sir and CID. I looped every day with this funniest Facebook pages for being

funniest pages on facebook

This page also has a unique picture cover. Most jokes trolled with a name of our respected Rajni sir and CID. I looped every day with this funniest Facebook pages for being fan of Rajni sir.

5) Epic Troll

As the name of this page is an epic troll, hence the posts of this page most of the time trolling someone. Therefore likes on this pages are in a million. The most recent page among above mentioned pages. Post on this page is quite funny and sensible.

funny pages on facebook

Final thoughts

I just want say people take different roads seeking to happiness and these funniest pages also one of them. Once you like these pages I’m sure you never get bored. So always be happy..! If you know any other good facebook pages then tell us and others in the comment section.


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