How to Make a Watermark ? for secure your important data

Do you know Watermark and where to use the watermark?

Now a day watermarking is eminently important to protect our data. The main reason behind the watermarking is secure from misuse. Therefore the question arises, how to make a watermark? But before knowing how to make a watermark, we must know that what is a watermark. It’s a very difficult question to answer because different researchers of different sites have given different answers.

how to make a watermark


In simple ways, we can define it as the best way to protect our documents and pictures which can get misused after uploading them on the internet. It is a superb way to stamp your photos with your name and identity to reduce the chances of getting image theft. However, they can be distracting as well.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the watermark.  Most of all it helps you to protect your images and to show third parties you have the copyright. Most noteworthy disadvantages of this watermark almost cover a larger area of an image which affects the image quality and most important adding watermark to your stuff is time-consuming.

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 First, we will talk about how to make a watermark in MS word?

Today almost everyone uses  MS-word. Some people use it for the project, some people use it for important documents. But they don’t know that when the put important documents in front of people there is a risk. Anyone easily can make a xerox copy of our documents and use it for self.  So seems like making a watermark in MS-word is more important than other places. You can follow these steps when reading this article and learn easily.

  • First, you have to open word and press the tab design or Insert (Its depend upon MS-Office version)
  • After that, you directly see the watermark option on your screen.
  • Click on watermark and go ahead to making watermark
  • So another screen appears in front of you and can easily make watermark as u want.
  • Now you have to select the text box and type watermark text’.
  • After this choose the font size, color and text font from the above-mentioned boxes.
  • Selection should be made as per your choice. Examples, if you want an opaque watermark, deselect the mentioned semi-transparent box and if you want semitransparent watermark don’t leave it unchecked.
  • TO make your text choice between horizontal and diagonal layout option.
  • Click on the picture option and browse the picture from ‘my computer’, select the picture and insert it.
  • Now resize the picture as per your requirement. If you are not sure about the size click on the auto option and for clear appearance undo it.

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 How to make a watermark in MS Excel?

Most of all people aware from to make watermark in MS-excel. In MS-excel making watermark option you can never found easily. For making the watermark there is no inbuilt option. Probably you think that how should we make watermark in MS-excel. So here you can follow my steps to achieve your goal and secure your data.  There are many different options available for making a watermark in MS excel 2003, 2007 and 2013. Consequently, here I tell you the common option for all versions that helps you every time.

  • Making watermark in MS-excel you have to use the Word Art commands.
  • Go to insert tab and open word art.
  • After insert word art type the text as you want as you prefer.
  • Rotate word are as you want like diagonal, horizontal, stacked or any style.
  • Change font style, colour and transparency which you like.
  • That’s it. You can easily make watermark in MS-excel using these steps.


Finally, hope you understand how to make watermark. Most of all people never do this with important documents when upload on web. If you any other tricks to make watermark then let we know in comments section.

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