Popular Web Browsers for work faster than others !

What is a web browsers ?

It is the software application, that helps you traversing and retrieving information resource on the world wide web (www). Browsers are useful for access the information, private networks and also web servers. There are so many browsers available. Everyone choose the best browser depending upon browser popularity and suggestions. Some peoples preferred to use a web browser basis on the web servers requirement. If you dont know popular web browsers then probably this post helps you.

Hence, today I am going to introduce to you 3 popular web browsers. Almost peoples known about these features.

There are 3 popular web browsers in 2016

popular web browsers


Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. The simplicity and smooth working features an attraction of the users. Most of all the users preferred to use this browser.

Features :

1. Tabs and Stability – Chrome has a Tab facility, that provides you easily search different site at one time without opening a new web page.

2. Incognito mode – When you want to search anything private, you have many questions about security but don’t worry Chrome provides incognito mode means private web browser that disables your history save option.

Themes: You can change your web browser theme in different colors and different style that gives you a better browsing experience.

Mozilla Firefox

Another one Famous web browser is available in web world and that is a Mozilla firefox. Firefox 3 is the latest version of Mozilla firefox and it is safe and soft to use.

Features :

1. Extension: You can increase the modification and functions by using the extension. There is so many extension available for firefox like video download, easy screenshot, firebug.

2. Themes: Firefox has also available themes for better display when surfing the web.

3. Searching: There is search box available at the right side corner and you can instantly search any concept when you want.


Safari web browser developed by the apple. It has many version available. Showing his popularity apple created safari 1 to safari 9 versions day by day. According to his growth and easy availability, safari becomes a popular web browser today. Most of all people do not use this browser because of they don’t know its features. If you never use this browser yet go on and get the amazing experiece.

Features :

1. WebGL Support – It gives you superb speed and stronger privacy features.

2. CSS Shapes and Compositing.

APNG Support – Means animated portable network graphics. It gives you to show animated png and gif files.

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Choosing web browser is the main fact about internet users. Therefore everyone searching best web browser. So here I introduce some browsers and their features. If you know any other popular web browsers then tell us in the comment section.