Fix SSL Connection Error by New Proven Way

Sometimes while trying to open a webpage or a website, you get an SSL connection error. You might have found such error on any of your devices such as pc, mac, iPhone, android or any other smartphone on the market until you can run a web browser in them. Millions of people might be using a website at a time and found this kind of error which is quite common but is there any kind of solution to fix this? Obviously, you can but what is SSL error in the first place?

ssl connection error

SSL connection Error:

Secure Socket Layer is a protocol for  Internet which is used for a secure connection between web servers and its users each time they click on the particular website’s url. SSL makes sure of safe data transmission between the web browser and the web server. There are many e-commerce sites where you enter your credit card information. Even these websites where you login store your username and password you never know if this kind of sensitive information is safe or not. So, SSL makes sure that such type of information is encrypted before sending it to the website from your system.

However, many browsers like, Firefox and Google chrome contain default built-in SSL certificates. But if they aren’t optimal then you may get an SSL connection error. The page and the HTTPS turn red saying the page has security issues. So it’s a safer practice to avoid such websites.

In short, SSL Link is a certification that secures the data and keeps it transmitted between the web servers and the web browsers safe in a secure and private mode through encryption to provide better safety to the end-user.

SSL Certificate Components:

An SSL certificate consists of a domain name, company name, address, city, state, country, expiration date, certificate authority details which are responsible for the certificate insurance according to rule.

When you open a website, the browser checks the SSL certificate of the website, its expiry and certificate authority details.

Reasons Behind SSL Connection Error:

  1. Certificate issued by untrusted authority
  2. Page consisting both secure and insecure items
  3. Mis-matching date and time with that of your PC or smartphone
  4. Mis-matching certificate names
  5. Due to firewall between your PC and internet
  6. Antivirus scanning encrypted data in the background

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Fixing The Error:

Don’t forget that the solution to any given problem always relies on the actual reason behind  the problem itself. So, find out the reason behind this error first.

  • Date and Time: Check the date and time of your system. If this is wrong, then your solution is quite easy. Just correct the date and time of your pc or smartphone and you’re done.

ssl connection error using date and time


  • Antivirus: In few cases, the antivirus installed in your PC block the certificate when they don’t find it legitimate. In that case, open settings in the control panel of antivirus software; open network in the advanced settings and check for “Encrypted Connections Scan”. Uncheck and disable this option and save it to solve the issue.

ssl error

  • Proxy Settings: If the above two doesn’t work then go to your Chrome browser and open “Customize and Control Google Chrome”. Open “Advanced Settings” in the “Settings” option and then click on “Change Proxy Settings”. In the “Security” tab, keep the “Security Level Zone” in medium and go to “Privacy Tab”. Here, set the “Internet Zone” to medium. Now go to the “Content” tab and click on “Clear SSL State” and then on “OK”. Launch the browser again to see the result. Similarly, there are different options and methods to fix this issue in different browsers like Safari, Firefox, etc.

fix ssl error using browser setting


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Final thoughts :

I hope my readers found this article helpful for fix ssl connection error. if you unable to solve same issue then tell us we always stand here for you.

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