unblock on Instagram but how ? you must have to learn

unblock on instagram

Blocking and unblocking in any app isn’t a tough task but when you’re a new user of that app and are unaware of its functionalities then it’s quite possible that you block someone by mistake and trying to unblock him/her. Today we’re going to talk about how to unblock on Instagram. If you’re new and trying to unblock someone, then stop struggling and read on to know to do this. This may help you do it easily. But before unblocking let us discuss about blocking as well.

how to unblock someone on instagram

Unblock on instagram


How To Block Someone On Instagram?

We block someone when the person is harassing you, sending unwanted messages, etc. Posts or images by that person may also be quite disturbing when you decide to block him/her. In order to do that, first of all you need to open the contact or the profile of the person you want to block. There you can find three vertical, horizontal or an arrow mark at the top-right corner of the screen based on which device you are using. You’ll get to know about it soon below. You need to tap on this icon and then a menu bar opens. ‘Block’ is the first option here tapping on which blocks the user. Now let’s see how to unblock the same person.

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How To Unblock Someone On Instagram?

Search The Person Or Contact

First thing you need to know is when you block someone, that contact disappears from your contacts list. So, when you’re trying to find the person, you shouldn’t be searching it in your contacts but look for ‘search’ tool and search for the person. This can be found at the bottom of the screen while logging in. Once you enter the username of that person, the tool displays profiles with similar usernames from which you need to identify the right one. Just tap on it to open his/her profile.

The Dots On Your Device

Android phone and tablet users can find three vertical at the top right corner of the device. Windows phone users can find three horizontal dots while iPhone users can find an arrow in the same place. You need to tap on this.

Unblock The Person

Now a menu bar opens and the ‘unblock’ option tops the list. Once you tap this, a confirmation box appears to which you need to reply with ‘yes, I’m sure’ option by tapping on it.

So, that was easy, wasn’t it? I hope this post helped you unblock someone. Now here is a question. do the users get notified about being blocked? Can you report someone’s profile for everyone’s sake instead of just blocking?

Notifying The Users

Blocking doesn’t mean it has something negative on that user. It doesn’t put any kind of penalty on the user because blocking and unblocking someone is completely based on our personal reasons. You may hate someone and so you blocked the person. It has nothing to do with the rest of the world. Thus, Instagram doesn’t notify the user regarding blocking and unblocking. Consider blocking when the person isn’t harming anyone else and it’s your personal reason.

Reporting The User

If you read Instagram policies, you’ll understand that it doesn’t support self-harm pictures, hate speech, nudity, and duplicate or plagiarised content. So, if a user is posting any of such types of content, then you can “report inappropriate” instead of just blocking the user. This user is violating the policy and harming everyone. So, report the profile instead of blocking.


Hope these extra points helped you understand Instagram better. If you know any other tricks to unblock on Instagram then tell us in comment section.

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